Cold and hot appetizers
  Buna salad  

(sticks trout ,onions, boiled potatoes, corn, dressing)

  Itala salad  

(mozzarella, tomato, basil, touch-balsamic, lettuce, black olives)

  Carpaccio beefsteak  

(beefsteak,rukola salad, toast, butter, cheese)

  Carpaccio of trout  

(trout, rukola salad, toast)

  Fish paste -portion  
  Russian salad  

(steak, arugula, pine nuts, lemon, tomato, olive oil, Parmesan cheese)

  „Vrelo“ salad  

(sticks veal, tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers, lettuce, white cheese, olives,
corn, boiled egg)

  Cheese platter  

(Livno cheese,vlašić cheese,gorgonzola,mozzarela)

  Snack „Vrelo”  

(gorgonzola sauce,crem,ham, cheese with peppers, olives)

Fish specialities
  Trouts fillet  

(chard, salted potatoes)


(rice,chard, salted potatoes)


(dalmatins set)

  Trout“ Try this“  

(with pumpkin seeds in a lemon sauce, swiss chard, salted potatoes)

  Trout on the Blagajs way  

(chard, salted potatoes)

  Trout fried in sesame  

(susame,chard, salted potatoes)

  Trout with almonds  

(almonds,chard, salted potatoes)

  Fried squid  

(french fries, tatar sauces)

  River trout  

(chard, salted potatoes)

  Squid stuffed with three kinds of cheese  

(livnos cheese,gorgonzola,travniks cheese)

  Fish plate „Vrelo”  

(piece of fish on the  Blagajs way, fillet steak, kebabs, chard, potatoes,  french fries, rice)

  Fish kebabs  

(fried onions, chard, salted potatoes)

Soups & Chowders
  Begova pottage  
  Cream soup of mushrooms  
  Fish pottage  
Chicken dishes
  Chicken skewers  

(vegetables,rice,french fries)

  Rolled chicken fillets  

(ham, cheese, french fries, vegetables, rice)

  Fried chicken fillets  

(vegetables,rice,french fries)

Dishes of veal
  Wiener schnitzel  

(vegetables, french fries, rice, tatar sauce)

  Karadžozbegs steak  

(rolled on smoked ham, cream cheese, breaded the Viennese, French fries, vegetables, rice)

  Hot steak  
  Medallions in mushroom sauce  

(french fries, rice)

  Mixed grill  

(chops, kebabs, chicken, burgers, meatballs, Sausages, vegetables, french fries, rice)

  Steak „Vrelo“  

(steak stuffed with ham, smoked cheese, breaded, mushroom sauce, wine, cream, french fries, rice)

Fish and meat plate
  Plate (kalamari) for 2 persons  

*trout in sesame, trout in almonds, calamari, fried squid, stuffed squid (chars, salted potatoes, rice, french fries, tatar sauce)


  F ish plate for 2 persons  

*Five trouts, prepared grilled, in cornflour,in lemon sauce (chard, salted potatoes, rice)

  Fish plate „Vrelo“ for 2 persons  

Fillets, chops, kebabs, squid, eel (chard, salted potatoes, rice)

  Steak plate for 2 persons  

*medallions of steak, veal and chicken (french fries, grilled vegetables, rice)

  Vegeterian plate for 2 persons  

Grilled seasonal vegetables (chars, salted potaoes, rice, french fries and three types of cheese)

  Yahoo“ ! plate for 2 perons  

 *2 mixed meat, chicken and fruit dressing (grilled vegetables, french fries)

  Bauer salad  
  Potato salad  
  Mixed seasonal salad  
  Russian salad  
  Shopska salad  

(vegetables,french fries)

  Beefsteak with mozzarella  

(mozzarella, vegetables, french fries)

  Peffer beefsteak  

(pepper sauce, vegetables, french fries)

  Banana split  
  Smoothie ice cream  

 (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry)

  Apple in vanilla sauce  
  Cup 'Day and Night'  

(vanilla and chocolate, fruit, whipped cream)

  Cup 'Flamingo'  

(fruits, strawberry, vanilla, sugar crumbs, whipped cream, fruit topping)

  Cup 'Fruit samba'  

(fruit, vanilla, fruit topping)

  Cup Eagle's Nest  

(vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, whipped cream)

  Pancakes * Fantasy *  

(nutella, walnuts)

  Pancakes on request  
  Pancakes with ice cream  

(in a sauce of wild berries)

  Fig dessert  
  Fruit salad (maraschino)  
  Cup "Vrelo"  

(strawberry, vanilla, cherry hot)