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Halal certificate


Restoran Vrelo has Halal certificate for food.



Below the Buna is situated attractive restaurant drowned in the surrounding neighborhood so that you have feel like is always have been there even since water source, so warmly offers guests relaxation. fish and memorable holiday moments. The restaurant is traditionally a place where people know they can be worth a moment of eternity if we use it.
Unforgettable moments, where the nature of the richest way of showing its splendor, and the people who love to go to her in a hug.
Restaurant "Vrelo" is unique and offers a wealth generously as Buna and almost impossible to domestic and foreign guests, to your desire from the menu can not be fulfilled here in full. Fish specialties are especially nice flavor in this picturesque area.
Your hosts will at your request organize the ceremony of your choice, weddings, celebrations, with superior service and with special privileges.
Unforgettable moments with Buna and remembered as a heavenly experience and we are pleasure.